I am a blogger now! Why? And what a blogger actually needs to know?

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Last Updated on February 10, 2019 by Lucie Klabanová

My friends are asking me: “How it happened that you started blogging?” And also: “Aren’t you a bit old for that?” (OK, I will leave the second question unanswered. :-) )

The thing is. The reason is my job. And that from more points of view. 

Firstly, it is quite obvious that I get most of my inspiration for blogging at work. It is endless supply of examples of what could work differently, better. I keep repeating it in the office, so now I share it with you, too. :-)

Secondly, my current job description is more analytical and technical. There is not enough creativity for me and so my right brain hemisphere started to tell me that the left one is winning over. It actually did not feel right. And I do not accept this without reaction.

Last but not least, I do like learning new things. I hate stagnation. And it suddenly became clear I know very little about online marketing, considering in what time we live and where it is heading to.

And then I cam across one online course

And that was it.

I do not exaggerate when I say that writing the blog is a joy for me. This is also the answer to question where I get the time for it. It is my hobby, my priority, so I always find the time. 

I managed to recognize when I get the famous “flow” somehow, I sit down and without even knowing the post is written.

Writing e-books is a bit different story. The easiest part is to find the topic. That I usually get from you, depending on what you are asking me most. The creation afterwards is a “bit of nut”.

Me being a person quite structured, which is ideal for e-book writing, I still work a bit chaotic. I put down notes and thoughts first and try to organize them later. In the end I write kind of separate posts for each topic and the connection comes later. But it is tough! I still have a lot to learn. And so I admire all colleagues who can do that easily.

Coming back to blogging. Some time ago a friend of mine asked me, how much time do I need to create one blog post. Well, the writing itself is the simplest part. At least for me. So, let’s have a look what I had to study, to become the “soon famous” blogger. :-)

Just for the clarity, most of the terms used below I might have heard before, but the real meaning and complexity of them were unknown to me.

1. Copywriting

Although I usually write in the sequence the thoughts are coming, still I do need a lot of time checking if my articles are at least a bit according to copywriting rules. I admit this is very hard. And I am aware I am just starting to learn it.

2. Facebook attributes

I had no idea how much you need to set different attributes to have a link looking fine on Facebook. Facebook debugger was a foreign word. When I first opened the page and saw the heading: “Facebook for developers”, I wanted to close it again. I am certainly not IT guy. Well, now I am quasi one of them. :-)

3. Facebook advertisement

I was lucky in the past in my job because this quite boring activity was executed by agencies. They are the real masters, so I never felt the need to dig into it. Only now I can understand what kind of process you need to go through to set it, prepare, approve… Uff.

4. Cookies and pixels

Those “bad words” appear on many web pages. I had a vague idea they are good for getting information about users, but not really why and what kind of information they contain. How surprised I was! I consider myself analytical type, but thanks God for robots, that create, use and evaluate them for us.

5. Google analytics

This analytical tool was known to me because I used it in the past. Still, only now I took enough time to look deeply into it. I love it! I enjoy “digging” in the data. So many interesting things you can find out during use of this “app”. Heaven for me. ;-)

6. SEO

I do admit it without torture. I “froze” in times when the keywords where set manually. About 8 years ago, probably. :-) About robots, that read articles, I heard for the first time. Right, there is no shame in not knowing. :-)

7. Instagram stories

I did not use Instagram until lately. I personally prefer the “real” life, outside. I had a Facebook account from past, from times when me and my friends spent a lot of time travelling and this social network was a tool to keep in touch.

But Insta is “in” today ;-), so I had to start. And I have to say, I like it. It is faster, “cleaner” than Facebook. And stories of some users make me laugh everyday. And so, I am starting to accept the end of anonymity, the time is like that. And I try to create something what my readers would enjoy. Not so successful so far, but do not worry, it will come. ;-)

Just to be clear, I did not mean to discourage those of you who are thinking about starting to blog, the other way around. It is endless sea of information and skills you will learn and combine to make the whole fit like a puzzle. It is a big adventure!

Surely you will not be bored with blogging, because you always find something what you have not known yet, or the social networks or google robots change algorithms and rules and you can start learning from the beginning. No stagnation threats.

The time is fast, everything is developing, changing with crazy pace. Blogging is like a training tool how to grab the rhythm of the time and keep pace. If you have the right enthusiasm, it is just great! :-)

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