The fact, that we are unhappy in our lives nowadays is not because of the difficulties of life. We are not happy because we miss pure and easy things that are the basics of life.” 

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, American psychiatrist

My name is Lucie Klabanová. I have more than ten years of experience with managing the effective working processes. 
I help my clients to find easy ways of organizing their work and managing people and so protect their time to have real joy from their work and life. 

Who am I and why make-it-easy?

I work as a manager for twelve years. I enjoy my job, I like it a lot, because I know that I can handle a huge amount of work in the way to have the important tasks done on time and not to forget something else. 

I have time for my hobbies and I do appreciate that job is part of my life as a whole. And I am proud when my team is enjoying to work in the same way like me. 

I had times when I nearly collapsed

The beginnings were not all bright. Few years ago I nearly collapsed ovewhelmed by crush of tasks, running from one to another. Everything done last minute, tons of overtime became standard. Private life did not exist. 

My team was loosing any motivation and I did not know how to help them. I could not sleap at night while I was thinking how to get out of this vicious circle. 

As I reached the point when except my own unhappiness also my people felt they needed to leave, I had to change something. Quickly.

Time of trying... and trying again

I searched for professional help – participated in several trainings on time management, leadership,  managing people as well as project management. I discussed the situation with managers who were my inspiration. I read books and searched for more inspiration. 

And I tried to apply and tested. Something has worked immediatelly, something had to be adjusted, other things did not fit into place at all. Time of trying, and trying over again. 

Today, after so many years on this way, I know how to. And I want to share my experience with you. I want to help you in difficult situations and inspire you to find your own way, on which you will be happy. 

What is make-it-easy project about?

When I was thinking how to summarize the vision of my project, I created a graphics below.

There are three pillars of the whole idea that are interconnected and depend on each other: 

How can you get inspiration? 

Everything I found out as working, tested steps that are worth to try, you can find in my blog posts here. I also wrote several e-books that are for the moment only in czech language, but I am working on their translation. So stay tuned, I will come back with that soon. :-) 

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