My name is Lucie Klabanová, welcome to my page

"Time is a gift which we give to others."
Michelle Obama

My name is Lucie Klabanová. I am a mentor, leader and pioneer of business process improvement. I help companies and individuals find effective ways to achieve their goals.

I have many years of experience in setting up processes in companies, managing people, organizing the functioning of companies not only with regard to cost efficiency, but also financial management of the company.

Since 2018, I have also been actively involved in mentoring and consulting in the aforementioned areas, along with additional areas such as time management, personal development, leadership and others.


I try to help people around me to find confidence that they can handle everything what is important for them. I show them that they can be good managers, parents and have time for themselves. I teach them to set priorities correctly, organize time and lead subordinates, co-workers and family properly, so they can enjoy their life.


I will help you evaluate the quality of procedures and activities in your company, find simplifications, and suggest possible automation.

Quality processes not only bring financial benefits to the company, but also greater employee satisfaction.

Leadership/ Management

I will help you evaluate the economic and functional quality of your company. I have experience in managing a company from cost optimization to complex financial management (P&L, B&S). Thanks to process analysis, we will jointly evaluate the quality of the team and its functioning, and I will propose changes that will lead to savings and smoother functioning of the company.

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