10 tips how to organize your day better

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Last Updated on June 18, 2019 by Lucie Klabanová

Do you want to be more effective every day? Handle more tasks? Feel better and easier? So this post is just for you!

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Let’s skip long intro and here are the ten tips:

1. Plan

Plan your day. Plan full next day in the evening before. Try to fill “blanks” in order to prevent idle times. Half hour when you have not planned anything will become a lost time. Before you decide what to start it will be over and you will not start at all.

2. Revise

Revise your plan with respect to your targets. Minimise what you must do even though it is not in line with them.

3. Use notifications

Use suitable notifications. Never mind if in your phone calendar, or any form, suitable for you. Just not to forget anything.

4. Email only in given times

Set limited time for solving your emails, e.g. one hour in the morning, one in the afternoon. Leave the email client switched off for the rest of the day. If you have a strange feeling not answering immediately, set an automated answer, where you announce the time slots you use for checking emails. If there is anything urgent, the senders will know and can call you.

5. No notifications

Switch off notifications of arriving emails, social networks and all other “disturbants”.

6. Get up early

Get up one hour earlier. It is hard, but if you get used to, you will have an incredible advantage. Make early getting up your habit.

7. Right environment

If you need to do some work without disturbing, find a proper workplace. Make it 100% no interruption time. Switch off phone, mails, and everything you do not need for doing the work.

8. Plan also “the rest”

Plan also “automatic” activities – breaks, picking up kids, calls, sleep. Those are also tasks and you could forget them.

9. Use idle times

Try to use idle times effectively, such as waiting for a bus, in doctor’s waiting room, in queue in the shop. Phone call, or small things still can be done in that time. It will run faster, you will not be bored and time wasted.

10. Read

Find 30 minutes to read every day. Ideal is to use the morning or before going to bed. If you are too tired for educational literature, read fiction. The research shows how beneficial reading is.

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And have a great and effective day ;-)

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