Enthusiasm is the basic ingredient of success

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Last Updated on February 12, 2019 by Lucie Klabanová

In the last months I do get a lot of inspiration from podcasts. (Share your favorite ones in the comments).

I learn how many interesting people there are around us and probably we do not realize (at least I don’t). Lot of them were not famous some time ago and often have quite unique point of view. Each of them different one.

But do you know which aspect they have in common? They are really passionate. They hold huge enthusiasm for their project, for what they do. Those people never speak: “Ehm, you know…”. If you ask them what are their strength, they begin to passionately describe what they have been through, which mistakes they made, what they did right. You feel the joy that they can speak about it, give it over.

There are plenty of people with great thoughts and ideas. But most of them will never become successful in that. Why? Do you think it is because their idea is not perfect? Every idea is imperfect at the beginning. We do not know what will come, so we cannot be perfectly ready.

It is just as every journey.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing – my “touch the bottom” experience

When many years ago during my visit in New Zealand I decided to join my friends and take the Tongariro Alpine crossing, I knew it would not be easy. But I got into it with vision to see the beautiful nature up there, which cannot be seen anywhere else. I was full of enthusiasm. And I got ready, too: prepared right shoes, warm clothes, food and drink.

First hour or two were great, I was enjoying it. Then my feet started to hurt. The enthusiasm dropped. And after that it started to be even worse. I did not have a baseball cap and the sun was extreme up there. There was really hot even on the hill on the snow, so most of the journey I had to carry my warm clothes. My skin became very soon burnt, as the sun cream I used was too weak. And I ran out of water. In the first third.

This was the bottom.

What made me come to the end? What helped me to find the willingness again and fight it? (Except the fact there was no way back :-))

I had a vision of nice photos. That was my target. I had a support of my friends. Not only they gave me water, and sun cream, but mainly they were by my side trying to distract me from negative thoughts. Moreover, they had the same target, that is an ideal combination. And so, I managed to persuade myself I need to keep concentrated on climbing.

Each place behind another top uncovered breathtaking views and added photos to my collection. I was focused on now and here as well as where I wish to be at the end and stopped thinking about the path in between. And so it went for next six hours.

I did it. Burnt skin, dehydrated, legs hurting. I went through the photos before I jumped to bed and slept a dreamless night.

It always goes like that

Whatever we get into in our lives goes like that. At the beginning we are enthusiastic. But it is not easy to keep it. Sooner or later it turns into disillusionment, awakening. It is the famous curve:

  • Know your target

When you find yourself down at the bottom, remember why you started. Create your personal target out of it.

  • Be patient and persistent

Array with patience. Yes, it will “hurt”. As everything in life that is worth it. Be patient and persistent. Remember this is only part of the journey and because now you are at the bottom it can only be better.    

  • Focus

Keep focused. Keep your enthusiasm concentrated for the project. Make your target the priority. Enthusiasm is not the same as priority. You can have plenty of great ideas that fill you with enthusiasm, but you cannot realize all of them at once. You need to understand your current priorities and focus on them.

  • Find a partner

Invite a partner who shares your goal. If you have people with common target around you, it is likely each of you will be in each moment on different position on the curve. You can so help and support each other. And it is generally true: “many hands make light work”.

Enthusiasm is what brings blood to your veins. If you know what is your goal and why, you keep going. And if you really want and have the passion, you even speed up. And you will make it. Most likely it will not be easy and for sure it will hurt. But in the end, you will make it, because you wanted.

And the feeling at the end will be your deserved reward.

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