Can you really express thanks?

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Last Updated on February 11, 2019 by Lucie Klabanová

Not so long ago I was explaining to my son, how important it is to always say thank you. And then it came across my mind. Can I actually really express thanks?

Now I do not mean the regular “thank you” after someone handles you a pencil.

Rather the real one, from the heart.

If I should express gratefulness for something important, somehow it is not that easy…

How is it with you? Do you always easily express your gratefulness?

It may seem trivial, just say: “thank you”. But what if it is seriously difficult? What if we forget that while being on a steady run through our fast lives? Hand on heart, how often have you lately expressed the gratitude to people around you? For things you might consider as natural thing? I do admit it, I didn’t do it enough. Even though I have been trying hard last years.

At work it is exactly the same. Our subordinates or colleagues do, what is their job. Yes, but nevertheless, did you ever tell them: thanks? Consider that the feeling of hearing an honest thanks cannot be counted in money. It is much better motivation than anything else.

I will never forget one moment some years ago, when my team managed to organize very important event excellently. I have asked the top management of the company to do a common big thank you., to buy flowers and invited all to unofficial meeting. This moment was “a hug” for everyone. Although most of us were very tired after long weeks of hard work, those few minutes and small present gave them so much new energy that we could start immediately again. And that was great!

Try to think about how you feel when someone says honest thank you for a done task.

And now think about how often you thank to your colleagues.

Why should you show your gratitude more often?

  • It is not automatic that everyone does his job well and fully focused. To have a position does not equal to be good at it. If he is, tell him each time he accomplishes the task very well.
  • The inner motivation is driven by several factors. One of them is a feeling of appreciation. If someone tells us, we feel important and valued. It is not important if it is our boss (ideally, of course) or colleagues. Both is great. The more we get, the better we feel.
  • Also, the person who is expressing thanks is feeling great. It is a pleasure to make someone else happy.
  • Nothing is predictable, at work neither. One day you will need your colleagues to understand how important is certain task for you right now and help you accomplish it. If they know you are always grateful for their help, they will be more willing to support you now.

What to be careful about?

  • The thank you should always be personal. Email to a whole company can be formulated as well as possible, but does not have the right value nevertheless. It can even be felt counterproductive. (“Oh my god, he is so embarrassing!”) If you need to tell the fact to everyone and you cannot do it in person, make sure you speak personally to the person first before sending email to all. It is really important he can look you in the eyes to understand you really mean it. Find time and prepare for it.
  • Be honest. Thank only for what you really appreciate. No sense to thanks for something inadequate. The others would feel it and it all would become a comedy. Next time nobody would believe you.

Most theories about happy life say that the basis is the gratefulness. Expression of gratefulness is thanks. So, say thanks. Any time. Every day. To everyone. And to yourself.  

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