Why I started with make-it-easy project?

Nowadays we want to do more and better, but we sometimes forget that while packing on all the activities all gets too much complicated. We need to stop at the right time and find out how we can make it more effective. 

The world is more and more complicated. Only those who find easy ways will succeed. 

That is why I started to write the make-it-easy blog. To share my experience with making things more effective and smooth. 

Hope you will get inspired (and inspire me back) how to make your work and personal processes more effective in order to live more full, time effective and happy life. 

“My name is Lucie Klabanová. I have more than ten years of experience with managing the effective working processes. 

I help my clients to find easy ways of organizing their work and managing people and so protect their time to have real joy from their work and life.”

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